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Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about titanium.

About Titanium Products
About Hyde Industry

We mainly use Chinese grade 0, grade 1 from brand leading titanium sponge mills to produce our titanium tube, titanium exhaust pipe, titanium bar and other titanium material. These Ti products have excellent performance and can ensure that our finished tubes, bars, plates, forgings have better mechanical property and longer working life. And in case if you have special needs, like machining, welding, bend processing, etc, we can also help.

We use high pure titanium sponge to produce our titanium tubes. These Ti tubes and pipes are high quality and can ensure that performance according to ASTM/ASME standard. And if you tend to prefer individual requirements, like higher elongation, lower oxygen composition etc., we can also help. Testing and Inspection include hydro testing, eddy current test, ultrasonic test, sonic testing, chemical composition analysis, mechanical property, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, impact test, bending test, PMI, PT and visual inspection, etc.

All of our titanium material are available Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.5, Gr.7, Gr.9, Gr.11, Gr.12, Gr.13, Gr.14, Gr.15, Gr.16 etc. Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 9, Grade 12 are most used for projects.

Hyde is a ISO 9001 approved titanium manufacturer. Most of our titanium material have satisfied with PED, and we also have titanium tube and pipe, titanium exhaust tube, titanium bar, titanium plate, titanium wire products for you to choose from. If you need other certificates for your projects or market, like third party inspection, etc. We can also help.

We know every titanium project is different, and every project requires an unique solution. With strong customization capabilities, we can make your drawing become sample. Go to our titanium products page and get a free quote now!

We know that the number of titanium material needed for each project is not certain. We can produce according to the number you need. Sometimes, there is no minimum quantity required when goods in stock available. Of course, if the quantity is large, the price will be more favorable.

Yes, you can get samples before place the order. Request a sample now!

Usually, our production time takes 7-60 days. If the quantity is large or there are special requirements, the time may be a little longer. This time does not include shipping time, which may vary from 5-30 days depending on the country you are in and the different shipping methods. We also accept rush orders, contact our team, and we will check the exact time for you according to your requirements.

All of our standard products come with 1-year warranty minimum. Specially customized products may have different warranties, depending on the requirements and working environment.

Yes, we provide a big discount for titanium design companies, titanium products solution companies, contractors, shops, trading company and EPC, etc. Contact us now to win more bids!