Chemical Industry

According to relevant authoritative statistics, application of titanium pipe equipment has been expanded from the original soda and caustic soda industry to the entire chemical industry, from small, simple development to large, diversified, including heat exchanger, fluid pipeline, evaporation crystallization equipment, seawater desalination, fin tube parts etc. The proportion of annual titanium tubes in the chemical industry gradually increased, and titanium tube metal manufacturing equipment began to be adopted, which greatly improved the corrosion situation of the equipment.

Heat Exchanger

Titanium heat exchanger is a heat exchanger made of titanium tubes and transfers part of the heat from a hot fluid to a cold fluid. Titanium heat exchanger has the advantages of titanium, is the chemical industry, power, food and many other industrial sectors commonly used equipment, occupies an important position in production.

Titanium Exhaust for automotive and motorcycle

Titanium tubes have been used in racing cars for many years. The performance of titanium tubes and pipes, such as light weight and high strength, it has been focused by automobile manufacturers for long time. At present, exhaust titanium pipe, exhaust parts of cars, motorcycles, motors, racing cars as one better choice by titanium automobile processing and modification provider. With development of lightweight in the global automotive industry, demands for automotive titanium tubes is still increasing rapidly.

Bicycle Application

Titanium alloy material used in bicycle is very widely, not just bike frame using titanium alloy materials, basic every part titanium bicycle parts of titanium alloy material, for example titanium alloy handle, even bicycle screws could be titanium alloy material, titanium alloy is belong to super high-end metal materials.


Titanium pipe and titanium palte is widely used in shipbuilding industry. In some core corrosion resistant key piping systems, titanium tube and titanium alloy pipe have instead of some copper pipe, stainless steel pipe, which improves corrosion resistance of ship and has been recognized by shipbuilding enterprises.

Medical Usage

Titanium can be implanted into the human body. Titanium and titanium alloy as implants have high strength, good chemical stability and good biocompatibility; non-toxic, will not cause harm to the human body; Low elastic modulus, better match with human skeleton; memory alloy has the ability of elasticity and shape recovery. With its excellent performance, the demand of medical titanium alloy is increasing in the medical field. As a metal material with excellent biological properties, titanium and its alloys have good application prospects in the medical field.

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